Our Mission

Our mission is to care for and treat patients with spine and musculoskeletal conditions that cause pain and limit their function. Our goal is to provide our patients with the utmost compassion and care. We hold honesty and integrity at the core of our practice.
– Dr. Carlos Esparza MD, Owner

Neck Pain

Your neck (cervical spine) consists of seven vertebrae that begin at the base of your skull (C1) and ends at the chest are.

Back Pain

Acute pain in your lumbar spine can also result from a bulging or herniated disc, a muscle tear, strain or sprain.

Joint Pain

Do you experience joint pain? Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly common
as we get older.


Sciatica (sciatic nerve pain) isn’t actually a diagnosis, but a symptom. It can strike anyone, but people in their 40s and 50s are more likely to experience this sharp

Muscle Pain

Dr. Esparza’s practice in Albuquerque, NM diagnoses and treats conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

Spine Injection

Spine Injection is used to calm inflammation and reduce pain so that you can take part in a rehabilitation program.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a powerhouse of healing and growth factors that comes from your own blood.

Nerve Stimulation- Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials

In spinal cord or peripheral stimulation, you’ll receive a temporary trail device or electrodes that send a gentle electrical current to disrupt pain signals. If the trial eases your pain, we can refer you to a doctor who can permanently implant a small device or electrodes under your skin.

About Dr. Esparza MD

Dr. Esparza MD, board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, will diagnose your condition with a comprehensive physical examination and full medical history. He designs and personally coordinates your medical care plan which might include physical, occupational or recreational therapy, and minimally invasive injections to calm irritated and inflamed nerves and joints. Compassion is our standard of care and we look forward to meeting you and working with you to improve your quality of life.

Honesty and integrity is the core of our practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can the physician assistant do vs the doctor?

Evaluation and treat most symptoms including injections, all other procedures are done by Dr. Esparza MD

Do I need a referral?

Most insurances do not require a referral call our office to verify if your plan requires

How soon can I be seen?

Most time we can get you in as soon as 1 week with our physician assistant Sean Portman could be a longer wait to see Dr. Esparza MD

What Insurances are accepted?

Most major Insurances including Workers’ Compensation of New Mexico accepted call us at 505-242-1711 and speak with our scheduler for more information

Does Dr. Esparza MD speak Spanish?

Yes, Dr. Esparza MD is bilin gual as well as some of the staff

Do you treat other pain issues other than spine issues?

Yes, we can evaluate your other pain issues and treat or if needed refer out, if treatment is out of our scope of practice

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we accept most major Insurances and Workers’ Compensation of New Mexico call us at 505-242-1711 and speak with our scheduler for more information

"Dr. Carlos Esparza MD is the absolute best! He is genuinely concerned about me and is always friendly! I recommend him 100% to anyone who lives with chronic pain or has any spine condition!"

Lori M

"I would highly recommend Dr Carlos Esparza MD! Everyone in the office is great! They are very professional and compassionate!!!"

Cheryl M

"I would recommend Dr Esparza MD to any one, his staff is wonderful. Dr Esparza MD is dedicated to finding the best solutions for your circumstance. Thanks"

Matthee S

"One of the Best Drs in NM. Along with an Amazing Staff!!!! Sean is a Wonderful Compassionate Professional."

Val R